Binguard Garbage Deodorizer

Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Packaging

Binguard approached me with their logo & product already designed. All that was left before launching was an e-commerce website, the labels, and some digital marketing to go along with it.

After several sessions of strategizing and figuring out the best visual direction, we proceeded with a minimalist, sleek & clean style to take away from the typical notions (dirty, messy, bland, and gross) surrounding garbage.

The kicker: how do we make garbage look good?

September, 2021.

This product is a superhero of a solution; and this is what the fun, playful, comic-book style branding is meant to reflect.

Visit the live site here.

Once we established a website, it was time to move on to marketing materials. Sell sheets, advertisements, content for socials, and more.

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