Website Design & Development

K.P. Gillen & Co Realty




Overview: Website revamp for a prestigious realty firm.

Brief: Transforming an outdated website for a renowned real estate firm in Yorkville, Toronto.

Insight: Balancing modern design with the need for seamless backend content management.

Impact: Aligning design goals with the firm's luxury image while accommodating constant listing updates.


Outline: Crafting modernity with functional design

Methodology: Utilizing Webflow CMS for design flexibility and automation for considerable user-friendly backend updates

Design approach: Modernizing aesthetics while preserving the essence of the existing logo

Milestones: Achieving a visually stunning, easily manageable website tailored for real estate listings


Deliverables: Presenting a sleek, functional real estate platform.

Adjustments: Seamlessly incorporating client feedback into the finalized design.

Handoff strategy: Enabling hassle-free updates within Webflow CMS without disrupting the design integrity.


Ongoing support: Ensuring consistent excellence in design and functionality.

Iterations: Periodic updates for enhanced user experience and visual appeal.

Client satisfaction: Continuous appreciation for the intuitive CMS and website design. Client was provided with a training & Handoff guide to

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