Prestige Auto Care

Branding, Digital Marketing & Merch Design

This task was to brand an on-site car detailing company. We began by creating a logo for the company and proceeded to brand their work equipment, uniforms, business cards, and digital marketing materials accordingly.

Although this was a simple task at first, just a logo design, it turned into something much bigger than that while Prestige Auto Care began to grow as a business. This was a fun project to work on, and gave me insight into working with start-up companies who have the potential to flourish.

As a small company, I got to work hand-in-hand with the owner, which only further assisted us in being able to sculpt their perfect brand identity. With only the name of their company chosen, I had tons of freedom as a designer. Beginning with colors and inspiration companies, we sketched out ideas and came to the perfect logo for them.

Power & prestige.

April, 2020.
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