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Binguard Garbage Deodorizer




Overview: Launching Binguard Deodorizer's online presence with a simple, functioning e-commerce website

Brief: Finalizing the brand's digital presence, labels, and digital marketing strategy

Insight: Transforming the perception of garbage accessories with a minimalist, sleek, and clean style

Impact: Designing and developing a Shopify website to showcase Binguard as a fresh and innovative solution.


Outline: Bringing Binguard's vision to life through an engaging e-commerce platform

Methodology: Leveraging the existing logo and product design for a cohesive brand identity

Design Approach: Adopting a minimalist, sleek, and clean style to redefine the garbage accessory narrative

Milestones: Launching a visually appealing Shopify website that emphasizes freshness and innovation for something that no one associates with being "fresh"


Deliverables: Presenting Binguard Deodorizer with a polished e-commerce website, labels, and digital marketing strategy

Client Interaction: Collaborating on strategic sessions to define the best visual direction

Adjustments: Fine-tuning details to align with the minimalist and clean style, setting Binguard apart

Handoff Strategy: Providing a fully functional Shopify website to complement Binguard's fresh and innovative brand and give the client the tools they need to automate online ordering


Ongoing Support: Assisting with any post-launch adjustments or updates for sustained success, social media graphics, labels, print and digital assets, etc.

Iterations: Implementing enhancements based on customer feedback and industry trends

Client Satisfaction: Establishing Binguard Deodorizer as a game-changer in the garbage accessory market, breaking away from conventional notions with a sleek and fresh online presence.

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