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Overview: Revamping In-Stall's dated website with a complete modernization

Brief: Transforming a cluttered 30-page website into a sleek and innovative online presence

Insight: Incorporating elements from the existing logo, focusing on spheres for a cohesive visual identity

Impact: Designing and developing a new Webflow-based site that's sleek, innovative, and bursting with personality.


Outline: Modernizing In-Stall's online identity through concept and color planning

Methodology: Utilizing existing logo elements, particularly spheres, to inspire a modern layout

Design Approach: Breaking away from black, white, and grey, infusing a state-of-the-art aesthetic

Milestones: Creating an advanced and visually appealing Webflow website that mirrors In-Stall's innovative ethos.


Deliverables: Presenting In-Stall with a dramatically transformed website

Client Interaction: Collaborating on concept planning and achieving a cohesive visual identity

Adjustments: Streamlining content and information display to avoid overwhelming users

Handoff Strategy: Offering a Webflow-based website with 6 pages, a significant reduction from the original 30.


Ongoing Support: Assisting with any post-launch adjustments or updates for sustained success

Iterations: Implementing enhancements based on user engagement and industry trends

Client Satisfaction: Transforming In-Stall's online presence, emphasizing its advanced and innovative nature, and capturing the user's attention from landing page to hero images.

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