Website Design & Development

March, 2021

This client approached me to redo their dated multi-page website. It consisted of almost 30 pages with duplicated content and poorly photoshopped imagery. It was designed completely using black, white, and grey, and desperately needed a face-lift. With some concept and colour planning using the existing logo, we were able to plan a modern layout, using aspects of the spheres within the logo throughout the site. Sleek, innovative, and exploding with personality.

30+ pages became 6.

The challenge soon became structuring the substantial amount of copy & information the client needed included. The solution was finding a way to display all of it without overwhelming the user.

Visit the live site here.

Relying on the landing page banners and hero images to portray that advanced state-of-the-art look and feel that In-Stall embodies.

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