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Overview: Overhauling the online presence of Leon Lashes, a leading Toronto-based lash technician and e-commerce store

Brief: Transforming a dated and untidy website to align with Leon Lashes' strong, stylish, and black-and-white brand

Insight: Recognizing the need for a sleek and current website to complement the brand and clientele

Impact: Enhancing the overall user experience and visual appeal to maintain Leon Lashes' leading position in the industry.


Outline: Revamping the website to reflect the strong and stylish essence of Leon Lashes

Methodology: Incorporating sleek design elements to align with the client's black-and-white brand

Design Approach: Ensuring the website is not only current but also visually appealing and user-friendly

Milestones: Successfully transforming the website to enhance Leon Lashes' online presence and user experience, and successfully executing ~8 campaigns per month from concept to execution


Deliverables: Presenting Leon Lashes with a sleek, current, and visually stunning website

Client Interaction: Collaborating closely to capture the unique style and brand essence

Adjustments: Fine-tuning details to match Leon Lashes' strong and stylish image

Handoff Strategy: Providing a revamped website that complements the brand and sets the stage for continued success for our ongoing email and digital campaigns


Ongoing Support: Implementing a robust email marketing strategy to maintain and grow Leon Lashes' online presence

Continued Management: Managing website updates, ensuring it stays current and aligned with industry trends

Iterations: Enhancing email campaigns and website features based on ongoing analysis and client feedback

Client Satisfaction: Nurturing a long-term partnership with emphasis on continuous support, ensuring Leon Lashes remains a leader in the Toronto lash industry.

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