Matt's Smokehouse

Brand Identity, Web Design & Development

February, 2021

Opening a restaurant in the midst of a pandemic is a challenge. It requires unbelievable (and I mean unbelievable - even blogTO says so) food, and a successful online presence. I worked closely with chef and owner of Matt's Smokehouse to develop a logo, colours, branding guidelines, and a website from scratch to launch his vision - Matt's Smokehouse.

We went with a masculine, tough, yet modern logo that's in-your-face slow cooked, braised, and barbecued.


The unique part about this site is that it was really important to keep the users intentions in mind. Data showed people would likely be visiting this site to see the menu, or order. So, it was crucial to keep the website short and sweet. More about functionality and speed than anything.

Visit the live site here.
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