Branding, Digital Marketing & Merch Design

Prestige Auto Care

April, 2020



Overview: Collaborating closely with Prestige Auto Care, an on-site car detailing startup, to establish a comprehensive brand identity

Brief: Initiating with a logo design, the project expanded to brand work equipment, uniforms, business cards, and digital marketing materials

Insight: Witnessing the evolution of a simple logo design task into a full-fledged brand strategy as Prestige Auto Care grew

Impact: Contributing to the success and growth of Prestige Auto Care through a cohesive and professional brand image.


Outline: Creating a distinctive brand identity starting with a logo and extending to various touchpoints

Methodology: Ensuring consistency in branding across work equipment, uniforms, and digital materials

Design Approach: Crafting a professional and recognizable image for Prestige Auto Care's on-site car detailing services

Milestones: Evolving from a logo design task to a comprehensive brand strategy aligned with the company's growth.


Collaboration: Working closely with the owner of Prestige Auto Care for a hands-on approach to brand identity

Freedom and Creativity: With only the company name chosen, the designer (you) had the freedom to explore colors, inspiration, and sketch ideas

Sketch to Perfection: Through joint efforts, arriving at the perfect logo that encapsulates Prestige Auto Care's essence.

Deliverables: Presenting Prestige Auto Care with a unified brand across all materials and touchpoints


Ongoing Support: Assisting with any post-launch adjustments or additional branding needs

Iterations: Implementing enhancements based on Prestige Auto Care's continued growth and feedback

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